New Survey Launched on LEHNs (Local Eye Health Networks)

29 September 2016 10:33 AM | Anonymous

Since their inception in 2013, what are people's experience of Local Eye Health Networks in England?

Have they been inclusive with their membership? Have certain professions been excluded to the detriment of public health commissioning and eye health pathways?

And have they been a force for the better - lifting standards of care and commissioning for patients in communities?

BIOS is conducting a survey with Head Orthoptists during the first week of October to get their views.

Don't know where your LEHN or who to contact? Here is the list kindly updated regularly by LOCSU to help key_local_contacts_for_lehns_v24,_jul16.pdf

Examples of good practice LEHNs

We know that in London the group has a wide membership and a document has produced: Eye Health Network for London: Achieving Better Outcomes. This  report describes a more co-ordinated approach to the commissioning and delivery of eye health and sight loss services. 

The main recommendations have been produced through the London Network working groups, although along with the Portfolio of Indicators, many will have broader recognition and implications outside of London.


And Angela Henderson, Chair – North East & Cumbria LEHN posted this blog update on the NHS England site https://www.england.nhs.uk/north/angela-henderson/

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