Grants & Bursaries

Students at Liverpool or Sheffield

New funding arrangements are in place for students applying for NHS courses from September 2017 and information can be found at:


Students at Glasgow Caledonian

Course fees are paid for eligible students by the Scottish Awards Agency (SAAS).

Student Awards Agency Scotland

To be eligible you must be ordinarily resident in the United Kingdom on the relevant date. If your place of ordinary residence is Scotland, you can apply to us for the full support package available. This is your tuition fees, an income-assessed Scottish Government Health Directorate bursary, a non income-assessed student loan and supplementary grants. Students who normally reside in England, Wales or Northern Ireland should apply to their local educational authority regarding funding other than tuition fees.

Bursaries in Scotland

Up to £1,500 can be awarded to student orthoptists willing to commit to seeking employment in Scotland.

NHS Scotland is based on a co-operative, partnership model with healthcare provided by 14 Health Boards ranging from the rural settings of the Highlands, Borders and Dumfries and Galloway to the city based Boards including Glasgow, Lothian (Edinburgh), Tayside (Dundee) and Grampian (Aberdeen).

The bursary is funded through NHS Education for Scotland (NES), one of the national special health boards. NES remit is to deliver educational solutions for workforce development and the bursary is one way by which NES is supporting the recruitment and retention of orthoptics.

If you would like to know more, please visit the NHS Education for Scotland link below:

NHS Scotland Orthoptic Bursary Scheme 2015/16

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