Officers & Trustees


The BIOS has a Chair and Vice Chair(s) - they are also Trustees of BIOS. They are nominated or elected for a three year period initially and can serve another three years if desired.

There is the provision to pay employers for the secondment of a Chair and Vice Chair of BIOS.


The other Trustees of BIOS are made up of nominated/elected representatives from three regions in England (Northern, Southern, Midlands & East) and one each from Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

Trustee's role

The role of the Trustee is both to provide oversight of the charity to ensure that member funds and interested are protected, and also to provide services for members for the advancement and development of orthoptic  profession.

Most Trustees are volunteer and perform this role in addition to demanding roles within the NHS. The BIOS relies on volunteers to come forward to fulfil these rewarding positions which almost always enhance a person's career and professional development as well as provide a valuable strategic perspective.

BIOS Council

In addition to Trustees, there are Leads from Education, the BIOS Journal, Professional Development, Research, International (IOA & OCE) and Heads (Leads of the Orthoptic Profession) who form part of a wider Council.

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